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I grew up in little college town of Chico, Ca. 

Graduated from Chico State with a BS in

Applied Computer Graphics. I Worked a few years in San Francisco in the video game animation industry. I learned 3D animation and a Motion capture pipeline.


Then I Moved to Portland and worked at Laika VFX for 5 years. Working as a Data/Render Wrangler, and Roto-Paint artist. Its been a fun ride, and we justed wrapped up working on Kubo and the two strings coming out August 2016. I Also got to work on Paranorman, and Boxtrolls. I'm currently searching for the next VFX opportunity, and i'm able to work.


My hobbies are movies, video games and drawing. I also enjoy animating and filming music videos. My wife and I live in Portland Or with my two year old daughter. Its a pretty happy exsitence and I can't complain. 

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